QuickPass 1.0, and the newly released 2.0, were created on the convergence of simple ideas.

QuickPass 1.0 was engineered in 2003 after fielding requests for a visitor management solution that focused on simplicity and security. Freed by a blank slate design approach and without the limitations of legacy technology, the team used bleeding edge technology to create a new way to manage visitor access. Tapping over 75 years of experience, we engineered a solution that expands as a customer’s needs grow, empowers homeowners, property managers and security personnel and eliminates both traffic lines and archaic approaches to processing visitors. QuickPass 1.0 facilitated efficient access and minimal wait times while maintaining effective security levels. Simplicity and security.

With hundreds of Communities, QuickPass 1.0 is the most advanced visitor management system available. We could have contently admired our creation, but instead we dreamed bigger. Our team looked to the cloud for the convergence of more for less. Could we revolutionize how smart devices process traffic, eliminate expensive equipment and empower homeowners with a retooled interface, app and text message capabilities? Could we provide more value, while charging our customers less?

Yes we could. It wasn’t easy, but nothing great ever is. After a year of software development and a million dollars in technology investments, the evolution of visitor management solutions is here. QuickPass 2.0. provides greater service, more flexibility, enhanced functionality and more, while costing customers less! Yes, QuickPass 2.0 offers more and costs less. Most might call that crazy; we call it revolutionary.

Experience how QuickPass 2.0 embraces the convergence of more for less.  And just try to imagine what we’ll think of next!  

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