Using technology, QuickPass enhances your Community’s Mobile Patrol Service. Officers can quickly view video, search license plates, issue/print electronic citations and more from their vehicle.

Learn how QuickPass enhances Mobile Patrol and increases your Community’s security.

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Locate Account
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Enhancing Mobile Patrol Through Technology

  • QuickPass utilizes the internet and technology to enhance Mobile Patrol
  • Officers can access current and past information quickly via a reporting Dashboard
  • Our Cloud-based service enhances an Officers ability to protect their Community


Engineered Using Officers’ Insights

  • Designed Mobile Patrol Solution to solve real problems Communities and Officers encounter
  • Our web-based solution eliminates having to re-write citations/incident reports and stores them online for easy access
  • Officers quickly access visitor and Community information online; eliminates the inefficiency of having to call a Gatehouse


Get More From Your Patrol

  • Officers can view live video feeds from their vehicle to identify/approach unauthorized vehicles that “piggy-backed” into a Community
  • Officers can issue and print electronic citations; which are stored online for Managers to access
  • Officer activity stored in the Community’s database can be recalled, updated and queried


Easily Added to Address Future Needs

  • Like other QuickPass services, Mobile Patrol can easily be added to address future needs
  • Cloud-based technology allows our solution to expand and offer new services
  • As a software solution, it requires minimal upfront cost and investment